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Melloblocco: the sun shines again in the wonder valley

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Clouds finally disappeared and Melloblocco 2017 was a real sun celebration in one of the most wonderful places of the Alps. We are talking about the greatest bouldering meeting in the world, that took place in the last days in Masino valley, Italy: a sort of mountain paradise where hundreds and hundreds of granite boulders populate meadows and woods, and are ready to be climbed by thousands of enthusiasts from many countries.

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Melloblocco 2017 achieved great success also thanks to C.A.M.P.: we was there with our products and our testimonials that got exciting results. Stefano Carnati (in the picture above) sent eight competition boulders in only two days: he was the best of our athletes preceding Andrea Ratti (five boulders, in the picture below), Simone Tentori (four), Stefano Ghisolfi (three) and Alberto Gotta (two). From men to women to congratulate Giovanna Pozzoli and Martina Frigerio (two boulders) and young Laura Rogora that climbed one Melloblocco boulder after having achieved a good fifth place at the Italian Boulder Championships.

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CASSIN block got great success as always. It was sent by 65 climbers, among which we drew Andrea Bonusi that won a wonderful Domino crash pad. But this is not all: many people participated to our Chalk Station game and others tested the Matik belay-descender device and the new Photon and Dyon quickdraws at the famous Sasso Remenno crag.

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Therefore Melloblocco 2017 was a really special event, during which thousands of climbers filled the Masino valley with their huge passion. C.A.M.P. enjoys Melloblocco from its first edition, being sure that the meeting will continue to be amazing in the next years too!

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